Why You Should Not Eat Chicken

Chickens are intelligent, affectionate and playful. They tend to their young, enjoy their lives and want to live as much as we do. While those are good enough reasons for me to avoid eating it, there are plenty of health reasons why meat eaters should avoid it.

Here are a few:

The European Prospective Investigation Study Into Cancer and Nutrition, known as the (“EPIC”) study recruited more than four thousand men and women in ten countries and followed their diets for nine years. Of all the animal products studies, chicken was associated with the highest risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, all grades of follicular lymphoma and several B-cell lymphomas. In fact, for every 50 grams of chicken consumed, there was a risk between 56% and 280%. To give you an idea of size, one cooked, boneless chicken breast can weigh about 384 grams.

That is a small amount of chicken eaten to be associated with several blood cancers. Researchers believe that it is not just the antibiotics that cause this, but also the dioxins found in poultry meat.

There are also higher rates of blood cancers among farmers, slaughterhouse workers and butchers. People who prepare meat have contracted contagious postular dermatitis and “butchers warts” on their hands. Even butchers’ wives have been known to be at higher risk for cervical cancer.

Slaughterhouse workers have higher rates of cancer of the throat, nasal cavities, mouth, oesophagus, rectum, liver and blood.

80-90% of urinary tract infections are caused by chicken bacteria. That bacteria tend to be drug resistant.

Just look at the pictures below. In the top one, I am holding a rescued chicken from a factory farm. Compare it to the factory farmed picture chickens on the right. They have miserable, sickly lives because of their horrible living conditions. There is absolutely no reason to eat them.

Chicken2016           FFchicken


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