Endangered Species Act

I met with my Congressman, Jim Himes, today to talk about the dangerous riders being added to this bill that has protected 99% of species from becoming extinct. Such riders include allowing sportsmen (now that’s a euphemism) to shoot swimming caribou from motorboats and grizzly bears from planes. It isn’t for subsistence. It’s for trophy hunting. Taking an innocent, defenseless animal’s life for fun. ¬†Females are often shot and their babies are then left to die. Yeah, that’s a sport. Disgusting.

Luckly, Congressman Himes is a compassionate man. We are lucky to have him in office. I was honored to talk with him about this and encouraged that he is easy and open to talk with.

90% of the U.S. population is in favor of the Endangered Species Act. What they don’t know is that over the past five years there has been a 600% increase in legislative attacks on it because trophy hunters and their ilk who don’t respect life. Animal advocates need to speak up against these hunters so that our opinion is heard loudly. Contacting your politicians is easy to do. As a voter, your opinion matters.




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