Government Bailouts to Agribusiness with YOUR Money

America was incensed when investment bankers held their hands out for the government bailout funds, and then paid themselves handsomely in personal bonuses from that money. There is still anger today about it as only one criminal charge was laid, despite deliberate and obvious fraud.

Well, a week ago there was another government bailout that few people know about made with taxpayers money. In a news release (#0181.16) the USDA announced that they would purchase approximately 11 million pounds of cheese from private companies for $20M, the highest surplus in 30 years. Why is there a surplus? Because people are learning that the dairy industry is selling products laced with antibiotics and growth hormones, (because of their severe abuse of animals causing pain, suffering and illness), and high cholesterol and saturated fats. People are choosing healthier and kinder alternatives.

To soften this ludicrous gesture, the USDA says it will give the food to food banks and pantries for good nutrition. If it was truly to increase health, it would be a laudable move, but it isn’t.  Plant-based meals are healthy. Cheese, milk and related dairy products clearly are not.

Perhaps the USDA should remind itself that we live in a capitalist system where suppliers meet consumer demand. When that demand changes, suppliers move with it or go out of business. Propping up companies like this only weakens our economy.

The recipients of this money are the factory farmers who deny animals the right to breathe fresh air, see sunlight, tend to their young and confine them so rightly they cannot even stretch their limbs for their whole lives. I strongly object to my money being used like this.  If you agree,  







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