Success for MA Animals, But A Threat To Animals In The Rest Of The World

78%  of the voters in Massachusetts said  ‘Yes’ to eliminating cruel confinement of animals on factory farms. I was one of the volunteers who stood outside a polling station talking with voters before they cast their ballots. It is heartening to know that with all the money paid by agribusiness on false and misleading ads that said grocery costs would significantly increase with a ‘yes’ vote, voters were not fooled. Compassion won out.

Many of the people I spoke with said  “it’s a no-brainer”. In fact, they were surprised to learn that such cruelty exists. Some even said that they didn’t mind spending more on food if it would ease the suffering.

My concern now lies with the bigger picture of animals around the world, especially the ones that are going extinct because of poachers and hunters. This is where President-elect Trump comes in. His sons are notorious for killing many beautiful creatures for sport, with the full support of Donald.

trumpson1 trumpson2

Animal protection organizations fight to put regulations in to stop this needless killing. The Obama administration banned trade in ivory. The National Park Service and the U.S. fish and Wildlife Service adopted rules to stop the shooting of wolves and grizzly bears from planes, trapping of grizzlies and other sickening inhumane methods of hunting on federal lands. If he supports his sons’ animal killing for fun, then he clearly does not respect the right of animals to live in a world where they belong. He is devoid of empathy.

I fervently hope I am wrong, but given his disrespect for women and minorities, and his narcissistic behaviors that reveal a gargantuan ego, I doubt that I am.


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