A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

slide1I found this on animalplace.org today and sent this to some meat eating friends. Rather than try and persuade them on the animal rights argument, I’ll try and ecological stance. The resistance I get baffles me since there are so many good reasons to stop eating animals and virtually NO good reasons to eat  them. Perhaps appealing to self-interest will get greater attention.

I will never understand why people hold onto customs wholesale (e.g. killing turkeys for Thanksgiving, or torturing and killing chickens for Kapporos), when they cause needless violence, when they could so easily amend them to embrace kindness and compassion. In the meantime, I’ll give thanks to those organizations that produce effective messages like this one. I figure if I I can ‘drip on’ my non-vegan friends with compelling messages like this, then maybe, just maybe eventually I’ll get through.

Thank you animalplace.org and Gotdrought.com.


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