What is the USDA Hiding?

The United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) upholds the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act, and with that mandate, protect millions of animals nationwide through inspections, enforcement and education.  In an unprecedented move last week, it took down all information on its’ website without any notice to anyone. These databases and public records are necessary to ensure that animals are not cruelly treated or abused.

The only way now to access this information now is through sending a bureaucratic, time-consuming written Freedom of Information Act request.  This step makes it very challenging to anyone who wants to investigate whether animals are being properly cared for. This action, in effect, now protects animal abusers. I have personally investigated records and found several puppy mill breeders with repeat offenses. Now, they and others can continue to abuse with impunity.

Your and my tax dollars pay for this organization and it is an outrage that such an action has been taken. It smacks of totalitarianism. I have called my politicians and aired  my anger with them asking them to demand the restoration of this information. If you feel the same, please call your politicians and tell them.  Please also sign this petition.




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