Battery Cages

More than 300 million egg laying hens are abused every year in order to produce eggs. The abuse comes from the battery cages they are forced to live in for nearly two years.

They are so intensely confined in cages no bigger than a sheet of paper. The hens are shoved in with up to 10 other hens, causing their skeletal systems to become so weak that their spinal cords deteriorate and they become paralyzed. Many die from dehydration and the living birds are then forced to stand on the rotting carcasses for the duration of their lives.

Standing or rubbing against wire cages destroys their skin and feather, and their claws can grow around the bars where they’re trapped. They have to tear their skin to escape.

Beaks are cut off with a burning hot blade with no painkillers. The pain is so great that many of them don’t eat or drink for several weeks.

Cage-free systems aren’t much better. These hens can hardly lift a wing and they walk around in ammonia so strong it makes your eyes sting. They never see the outside or sunlight, or breathe fresh air.

Male chicks are killed upon hatching – 200 million of each year because they are of no use to an egg farm

None of them can engage in natural behaviors such as dustbathing or nesting. They are slaughtered at two years of age, which is less than half their normal lifespan. They sent off on truck with no food or water to be killed.

This is no life for any animal. How do factory farms get away with this? Because the animals are units of production. They are classified as food rather than sentient animals.

Please do not eat eggs. There is no way to stop this horrific abuse other than to stop demand.

Many of the factory farm owners are large corporations in China, btw.


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