This is What Farms Should Look Like.

On a recent trip to Holland, I was traveling by train from Amsterdam to The Hague. I saw something that we rarely ever see anymore in the U.S. I felt a sense of peace and calm that initially I took for granted. Then I realized what it was. I was seeing animals roaming freely on beautiful green pastures. It was mostly cows and sheep gently grazing on grass, soaking up the sun and fresh air. What a beautiful sight.

This is what farms should look like, but you would have to travel far in the U.S. to see farms like these. Small farmers are being put out of business by large corporations that run factory farms. Some of these are foreign owned. They are large institutions that treat farm animals as units of production with absolutely no regard for their sentience and ability to feel emotions. I’ve written about this before so I won’t go into more detail. Compare the idyllic image above to the factory farm of today:

The animals are housed in windowless, filthy sheds where they live their whole lives in darkness. Not only is it unhealthy (and extremely abusive) to the animals, but it is killing the environment surrounding it. People who live by are developing lung diseases, ¬†asthma and other serious diseases. Nothing will change, however, until people find out that about this, but Big Ag ensures that we don’t with their misleading marketing practices.

These corporations are making huge profits. The only way we can stop these egregious abuses is to decrease demand for the products.