Why This Blog?

Hi, I’m Pat Harmon, the author of this blog. There are three reasons why I started writing this. I want to raise awareness of the plight of animals that are raised for food, educate people about the lack of anti-cruelty laws for animals in our society and influence them toward a vegan lifestyle.

Two years ago I saw an undercover video of the treatment of animals on factory farms. It was sickening. I had no idea that animals are butchered alive in the cruelest ways possible. Not only were their deaths horrific, but their whole lives are nothing but pain and suffering. They are genetically modified to grow ten times past their normal weight causing great suffering and kept in spaces so small that they cannot move. In essence, they are treated as merely production units without any regard for their sentience.

I believe that most people are compassionate. And I fervently hope that as more and more people learn about factory farming, that they will stop eating animals. I also know that agribusiness has powerful, wealthy lobbies and they do their best to hide the truth from the public. So much so that there are actual ‘Ag Gag’ laws in the U.S. where people who document the abuses inside these farms can be criminally charged. It is an outrageous abuse of power.

It is difficult to fight against wealthy opponents, but politicians want to stay in office. That means when enough animal advocates make our voice heard, they will listen. I’m learning that coordinated efforts to call politicians when a Bill is up for consideration can affect the outcome positively. (If you want to be on my Action Alert list, let me know. We are making a difference.)

The hardest part of this effort is trying to get through to people who don’t want to know. I’ve had friends say that they don’t want to know because it upsets them so much, implying that they really are kind, caring people. The stark reality is that kind, caring people don’t eat animals. Period.

I was brought up to eat meat and actually liked the taste. But I can no longer support this violent industry and have turned vegan. Many think that veganism is hard to do, and requires too much of a change in lifestyle. It is not true. The few changes I’ve had to make are small and inconsequential compared to the lifetime of suffering the animals endure.


My brother with a new friend

The irony about the resistance to  stop eating meat is that not only does it reduce suffering, but it is healthier for you and the environment. And it is less expensive. Perhaps most importantly, if people stopped eating animals, we could feed the world.

I promise not to wax on and on as I have here. I’ll do my best to keep my blogs educational, and hopefully, inspirational toward animal advocacy. Thank you for reading this.